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March 11th, 2018

Make Your Own Fiber Necklace TONIGHT

Shop artistic woven and fiber designs from Little Feral.

At your last physical you were told to add more fiber into your diet.

Follow the rules in your own fashion with gorgeous fibrous necklaces from Little Feral. (Want to make your own at a workshop? See below.) The seriously cool rope inspired designs from traveling artist Kaysie Condron look perfect as a single accessory and doubly so when layered. From artful knots (shown below) and pops of color to chic and simple copper hardware, each look is a string fling. While you're at it, check out her custom macrame hanging plant holders and wall weaves on driftwood. 

Doctor's orders. 

Don't miss out on the Fiber Necklace Workshop at Glitter Box NEXT Wednesday, March 21, from 7 - 9 p.m. A $35 ticket gets you a how-to session with fiber artist Kaysie Condron where you'll learn to the basic principles, knots and color incorporation. Bonus: you'll leave with a necklace of your own making.


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