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October 9th, 2017

Happy Birthday, Nina Compton!

In a new editorial series, New Orleans Tidbits will celebrate the birthday of a female business owner each month. Our first Birthday Girl is Chef Nina Compton of Compère Lapin, the former Top Chef contestant who was raised in St. Lucia and now calls NOLA home.

Happy Birthday! What's your perfect birthday treat? 
Champagne and caviar.

Any St. Lucian birthday traditions that you keep up each year? 
Lots of partying!  At home, I would celebrate for a month straight, whether it was a BBQ on the beach with friends or wine and cheese with my family.

What is your morning coffee order at Tout La
Latte if I am busy or French Press if I have time to savor it.

What's your favorite spot in The Old No. 77, home of Compère Lapin?  
Table 21 at the restaurant – it’s the best seat in town! You can see everyone both inside and outside.

When you're not at your restaurant, how do you relax? 
I normally stay home. I live in the Bywater so if the weather is nice, a pool day is a must, then cook dinner and call it a day.

For Girl’s Night Out you usually suggest...
Dinner at Paladar 511, then Frenchmen Street.

Where do you always take your visitors? 
Bacchanal – it’s a great relaxed vibe.

Which Louisiana-based ingredient or product are you obsessed with? 

Will you be watching the next season of Top Chef? 
I try to fit it in if I can.  

Tell us something our readers might be surprised to learn about you.
If I wasn't cooking I would be doing something with music, maybe a DJ.  Music really sets the mood when I wake up.

How many candles are you blowing out this year?
Never ask a woman her age :)

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Photo: Denny Culbert. 

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